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LEED Silver

Butte High School Auditorium

Historic Preservation | Renovation

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Butte, MT

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11,800 sf


Bringing the 21st Century to a Historical Space

  • Built in 1933, Butte High School's historic auditorium has remained virtually unchanged over the years, except for some minor cosmetic and technology upgrades.

  • The new renovations provided upgrades for the 21st century including fully upgraded lighting, stage rigging, acoustics, and sound system.

  • New acoustical ceiling clouds suspended above the seating area help direct sound throughout the auditorium and enhance the audience’s experience.

Copper Accents in the Mining City

  • To highlight local history, the auditorium has Butte High Bulldog purple accents as well as the use of copper accents throughout the space, giving a nod to Butte's rich history as the Richest Hill on Earth.

  • The space received all new audience seating, and our team was able to refurbish and reuse all the cast iron seat end stanchions as well as all the existing wood arm rest to keep much of the historic seats a part of this beautiful space.

  • In order to enhance the community effect, local contractors and school alumni were part of the project during design and construction.


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