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LEED Silver

Hyalite Hall - Montana State University

FF&E Procurement | Graphics and Branding | Residential | New Construction

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Bozeman, MT

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150,000 sf


A Place for Students

  • The primary focus of the design was to create opportunities for students to create community and get to know one another.

  • Vertical circulation connecting each floor community creates more opportunities to move throughout the building, creating a residence hall that feels more like home.

  • Special consideration was given to the furniture selections that allow students greater control of their environments. Whether they are looking for a quiet place to study or a community hub to watch a football game, Hyalite supports it all.

Connection + Collaboration

  • With the combination of two-story active lounges, a variety of study rooms, central lobby, kitchen, and other lounge spaces, many opportunities are created for students to connect academically and through shared interests and hobbies.

  • During student group meetings, students requested additional study spaces on campus that would allow them to connect and collaborate with their peers.

  • Furniture was carefully selected to support flexibility and collaboration, while also creating niches and private areas for quiet time away from their rooms.


Did You Know?

  • Named after nearby Hyalite Canyon for the multitudes of recreational opportunities, the 6-story, two-sided lantern ties the entire building core together with an environmental graphic showing the history of Hyalite's geography, history, and recreational opportunity.

  • With an additional focus on minimizing the building's footprint, the building design is oriented to optimize solar access in the colder months while reducing heat gain in the warmer months.

  • The site creates outdoor space and activity areas for students and is oriented towards a pedestrian way to connect with the new dining hall and academic areas of the campus.

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