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Montana State University Wayfinding Study

New Construction | Wayfinding

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Bozeman, Montana

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Defining the Path

  • In June of 2012, SMA Architecture and Design was commissioned by Montana State University to conduct a wayfinding study for the Montana State University Campus.

  • The objective of the study was to identify student and visitor wayfinding needs and design successful solutions for the existing and future MSU campus.

  • To accomplish these tasks, SMA focused on identifying tools MSU visitors and newcomers use to find their way to campus, analyzed existing conditions on campus, and developed a set of standards that can be utilized as the MSU master plan is realized and implemented.

Wayfinding Drives the Campus Experience

  • The outcome of the study also identified common goals for MSU to ensure the desired campus experience through the enhancement of campus branding and identity, clear and concise communication of wayfinding information, and providing visitors, students, and staff the tools to successfully navigate campus.


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