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Hyalite Hall - Montana State University

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Bozeman, MT

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150,000 sf

LEED Silver

Designing for Student Success

  • Shining from Level 1 all the way to 6, the Hyalite Hall Lantern vertically connects the communities in the warm glow of dynamic graphics.

Connection + Collaboration

  • Utilizing two story active lounges, a variety of study rooms, a central lobby, kitchen and lounge spaces many opportunities are created for students to connect academically and through shared interests and hobbies.

  • Furniture was carefully selected to support flexibility and collaboration, while also creating niches and private areas for quiet time away from their rooms. 


Embracing the Outdoors

  • With one side of the graphic highlighting the canyon, the two-sided graphic allows the branding of each floor utilizing one of the waterfalls found along the iconic Hyalite Peak Trail.

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