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Shodair Children's Hospital New Brand

Graphics and Branding

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Helena, MT

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LEED Silver

Designed to Heal, Help, and Inspire Hope

  • Shodair's Children's Hospital is at the forefront of both mental health care and medical genetics research. We teamed up to update their brand to tell the story of their mission statement. 

The Sky is the Limit

  • When working with the Shodair team, their main question was, "How do we graphically inspire hope?"

  • To answer this question, SMA took to the skies! The solution begged to find its roots in a playful interpretation of what it means to live in Big Sky Country.


Montana Inspired, Kid Approved

  • The intertwined kites illustrate the nurturing and uplifting relationships paramount to Shodair’s mission. With colors pulled from alpenglow tones familiar to Montanans, they represent new beginnings and vast possibilities.

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