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Shodair Environmental Graphics

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Helena, MT

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131,000 sf


Embodying Hope for Patients + Families

  • For years, SMA has been working with Shodair’s Administration and Staff to study their potential and future growth of their campus. The resulting Master Plan document identified areas of the site for development.

  • A major phase was the design and construction of a new replacement Children’s Psychiatric Hospital. Completed in January of 2023, the owner can re-invent and extend their presence of behavioral health treatment in Montana and the Mountain West.

Openness, Transparency + Dignity

  • The New Hospital will embody hope for patients and families throughout its design with a focus on natural daylight, views, and comfortable healing spaces. Milieu-based Treatment informed the design, while single-occupancy patient bedrooms/bathrooms reflect current modern trends in psychiatric care.

  • The hospital dramatically increases Shodair’s patient-count and includes several “flex” beds to be able to adapt to changing census numbers and needs of individual patients, providing different levels of care as required and desired.

  • The design of the hospital will de-stigmatize mental health issues by providing openness, transparency, and dignity.


Montana Inspired, Kid Approved

  • The intertwined kites illustrate the nurturing and uplifting relationships paramount to Shodair’s mission. With colors pulled from alpenglow tones familiar to Montanans, they represent new beginnings and vast possibilities.

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