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St. Peter's Health Plastic Surgery + Audiology Clinics

Clinic | Interior Design | Graphics & Branding | Wayfinding | Signage

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Helena, MT

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3,200 sf

LEED Silver

The Gold Standard in Patient Comfort

  • SMA partnered with St. Peter’s Health for their off campus Plastic Surgery and Audiology Clinics. 

  • Working to establish a Gold Standard in Aesthetics, the Plastic Surgery suite is a welcoming and inspiring space that encourages a sense of hospitality allowing patients to feel relaxed, welcome, and at ease. 

Space to Feel at Ease

  • With four Treatment Rooms, a Large Exam Room, and a large Entry Lobby that functions as a retail product display space, this facility serves the needs of St. Peter’s Health bringing great care to their patients through a built environment that is thoughtfully designed. 


Full Service Right Down to the Wild Flowers

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