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LEED Silver

Boyd Andrew Community Services

Adaptive Reuse | Behavioral Health | Medical Offices | New Construction

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Helena, MT

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8,500 sf


Adaptive + Aggressive In-fill

  • This project is an aggressive adaptive reuse of an existing one-story building set on Helena's historic Last Chance Gulch. Not only did this project adaptively reuse the existing building, but also added two stories on top!

  • Being respectful of The Gulch's history, the main façade facing Last Chance Gulch took proportional cues from the historic fabric of the area.

  • The 'back' of the building, while still a prominent façade, was allowed to take on less of the historic fabric and have a more 'playful’ form. Like a good 80's mullet, it's business in the front and a party in the back!

Overcoming the Sandwich Effect

  • Other than placing two new floors on top of an existing one-story building, the largest challenge to overcome was the sandwich between the two adjacent three-story buildings, eliminating the possibility of natural light along the north and south sides of the site.

  • The design solution focused on passive sustainable concepts, with daylight harvesting becoming the main driving force.

  • The large daylight monitor bisecting the building in the east west directions allows daylight to penetrate two floors as well as all interior spaces.


Honesty in Materials

  • The interior palette of exposed structure, raw wood, exposed mechanical systems and a simple combination of natural materials symbolizes the work that Boyd Andrew does daily.

  • The materials are easily maintained and authentic allowing Boyd Andrew to focus on providing their addiction counseling services!

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