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Banking Meets Boogie

  • Farmers State Bank strives to create a fun and unique banking environment for their customers, and SMA had a blast bringing the FSB Helena steampunk edition to life. So, when the creative owners at Farmers reached out and said they wanted their next bank to be 1970s-inspired, we were hooked! Their vision for the Missoula branch was to encapsulate the ever-groovy era of the 70s so their customers could boogie their way to the bank in fashion.

Far Out Finance

  • The attention to detail our designers were able to bring to life will have you saying “That’s far out, man!”

  • From the avocado green accents and lava lamps to the swirling wall art and carpet patterns, everywhere you look is a fun, funky surprise with the semi-psychedelic feature walls.

  • The semi-psychedelic feature walls and custom gold chain feature over the teller desks will want you to get your groove on.


We’re Stoked About the Bathrooms

  • Whether you choose the right or left door - both bathrooms are a trip. You'll either be greeted by David Bowie's Aladdin Sane or thrust into Studio 54. It's not every day you get to use a purple toilet or wash your hands standing over a tiled lightning bolt. Can you dig it??

LEED Silver

Farmers State Bank - Missoula

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Missoula, MT

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3,256 sf

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