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MSU's Hyalite Hall featured in ACUHI-I's Talking Stick publication!

Hyalite Hall at Montana State University offers breathtaking views inside and out


Montana State University-Bozeman opened it's newest residence hall to students in August of this year! Recently featured in the Association of College and University Housing Officers - International's publication, Talking Stick, they discuss the ways the design of Hyalite Hall focused on creating a collaborative and dynamic environments for students. Suited with various spaces to encourage group studying, socializing, relationship-building, and quiet areas, the new residence hall also brings inspiration from the beautiful outdoors surrounding Bozeman, specifically Hyalite Canyon, a renowned recreational area. Equipped with ski and bike storage and a 6-story graphic lantern, the graphic highlights the waterfalls, lakes and peaks of Hyalite Canyon. Bringing the outside in and equally encouraging adventure outside of the MSU campus. The building is a beautiful tribute to how the built environment can enhance lives of students creating a layered experience. Read the full article here.

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