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LEED Silver

Discovery View Villa

Residential | New Construction

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Georgetown Lake, MT

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1,025 sf


Scandinavian Architecture Meets Montana

  • This modest cabin set at 6,300 feet is located in one of the snowiest areas of Montana. The Scandinavian inspired design was utilized, not just for the awesome looks, but to respond to long, dark, and snowy winters.

  • A steep pitched roof, lack of overhangs and the 'bent metal plane' wrapping the simple gable mass sheds snow fast, while creating a warm cozy 'hug' around the interior.

Brighten the Long, Dark Winters

  • The interior design utilizes simple bright materials to capture and bounce as much light as possible on those long dark winter days.

  • Window sizing and configuration were carefully considered to take advantage of views allowing for as much indirect, bounced light as possible to penetrate the interior, while minimizing direct southern glare.


Twenty Below Zero Outside, Warm and Cozy Inside

  • A winter getaway for the family, the design maximized the family living area, while minimizing sleeping areas to encourage family gathering, game playing, drinking hot chocolate by the fireplace and providing a home-base for all winter activities in the surrounding area.

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