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Becca Copeland

Interior Designer



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Virginia Tech, B.S. in Interior Design | 2015



Becca is an interior designer from the east coast who ventured west after college. She found her passion for designing commercial spaces for people to truly thrive in. In alignment with this passion, she received her WELL AP certification which focuses on creating healthy building environments. She has experience designing a range of projects from schools and athletic facilities to credit unions and coffee shops.
As a dynamic interior designer known for transforming spaces with meticulous attention to detail, Becca is particularly focused on the curated selection of interior finishes and furnishings. Specializing in renovation and new construction projects, she brings a unique blend of artistic vision and practical expertise to every endeavor.

Throughout her career, Becca has successfully executed designs that harmonize with clients’ visions, enhancing the overall atmosphere of spaces with proficiency in space planning, color coordination, and a distinctive touch in choosing furnishings that elevate both character and functionality. Carefully curating furnishings plays a pivotal role in completing the overall design narrative.

Community Involvement

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