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Emilia Kipf

BIM/CAD Technician


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Montana State University



Emilia joined SMA in 2023 after completing a Drafting and Design degree at Gallatin College in 2024. She has been inspired by the beauty and science of architecture from a young age, traveling abroad, and admiring her mother’s career as an architect. Emilia has watched from the sidelines as architecture has advanced from hand drafting to renderings using BIM and CAD software. She continues to take courses and expand her knowledge base with the ever changing technologies.

Emilia has lived in Gallatin Valley for 10 years, with roots based in Louisiana. She enjoys spreading the Louisiana culture with homemade gumbo and jambalaya for her coworkers. On the weekends she can be found adventuring with her 2 young boys, teaching them to appreciate the beauty of Montana, and all the activities the state has to offer!

Community Involvement

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