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Jordan Cann

Design Professional


One 11

Village Lot 5

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Montana State University, Master of Architecture | 2017
Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design | 2015



Jordan's passion for creation has led to his involvement in projects from the conceptual start all the way through to the physical construction of the projects he is involved in. His inspiration and joy for life and architecture comes from envisioning, documenting, and communicating within every aspect of the mixed-use, commercial, residential, and PAR design processes. Having lived in Bozeman, Montana, since 2011, Jordan has found a place that he is proud to call home. He found his stride in the beauty of Montana and surrounds himself with those that mean the most to him such as his friends, family, pups, and a bonus family at SMA.

From his youth, there was nothing that interested him more than building, creating, skiing, and hanging with his friends. Not much has changed; his passions rule his world. If he is not working on a project in or out of the office, he can be found camping, hunting, floating, fishing, traveling, BBQing, relaxing under the Big Sky sun listening to music, or grabbing a brew with his family and friends.

Community Involvement

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