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Katlyn MacDonald



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University of Cincinnati, Bachelor of Science in Architecture | 2021 – ongoing



Katlyn is currently completing a four-month internship with SMA. While her home is back in Ohio, she is very excited to spend some time exploring what this gorgeous state has to offer. She is currently in her junior year and will graduate in 2025 with a four-year degree, completing her bachelor’s in architecture at the University of Cincinnati, go bearcats! Previously interning in Cincinnati, she has gained some experience in education, sports wellness, civic and graphics design. Her goal is to absorb as much as she can from the SMA team while she is here so she is able to return to school with more knowledge and new perspectives on design. In her free time, you can find Katlyn browsing at the thrift store, out on the trails hiking, or working on one of the numerous art projects she has started and is yet to finish.

Community Involvement

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