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Noelle Davis




5th & Main

L&C Public Health

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Montana State University, Master of Architecture | 2005
Montana State University, Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Design | 2004



As a licensed Architect, Noelle is involved in all types and phases of projects at SMA Architecture + Design. The majority of her experience has been highlighted by a wide range of residential, commercial, and renovation projects. She enjoys all aspects of the design and construction process but is truly passionate about the relationships created, the collaboration process, and the experience of helping client’s needs and dreams come to fruition. Her communication and project management skills have led to successful projects and repeat clients.

Noelle, like many on the SMA team, loves spending her free time in the great outdoors with her family. She can usually be found exploring the mountains, fishing, traveling or relaxing at her cabin. She also loves the fact that she gets to raise her son and create memories in the same mountains and communities that her and her husband grew up in.

Community Involvement

Tri-County Area Special Olympics Management Team - Law Enforcement Liaison | 2008 - 2020
Architectural Society of Helena, Member
Helena College, guest juror | 2015-2017
Helena Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Helena | 2019-2020

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