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TJ Reichert

I.T. Manager | BIM Manager


Shodair Medical Office Building

UM Dining Hall - Missoula

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Montana Tech of the University of Montana, Associate Degree Drafting Technology | 1993
Autodesk University, L.A. California 3D Modeling & CADD Certificate | 1997



One might, on a cold winter morning, spot a wolf in the distance; watching, silently, before moving off into the timber. Here at SMA, TJ is the spirit of that wolf: a loner, ever present but rarely seen, moving the pack of his coworkers through the blizzard of life with wisdom and grizzled care. He is the master of his domain - BIM and CADD - and is the foundation of successful construction documents here at SMA. TJ masterfully manages and oversees the production of project information models and 3D visualizations that coordinate drawings across all disciplines for design and construction. He is a falconer, a father, a woodsman. And while he refuses hugs on the outside, he surely accepts them on the inside.

Community Involvement

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