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LEED Silver

Yellowstone Hall - Montana State University

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Bozeman, MT

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115,500 sf


Rivers to Peaks

  • To give each floor and community a unique identity and provide effective wayfinding, SMA Architecture and Design worked with MSU Residence Life and student groups on Yellowstone Hall’s graphics and branding.

  • The four-story residence hall graphics have been designed to highlight Montana’s ecosystems, from mountains and wilderness (fourth and third floors) down to the state’s grasslands and riparian rivers (second and first floor).

  • Each community is named after unique places in Montana, such as “The Bob” (Marshall Wilderness).

I Spy a Wild Animal

  • Photography as well as graphic maps and diagrams encourage students to explore the geographic and ecological diversity of the state while adding visual interest to hallways and study spaces.

  • Can you find the hidden moose?


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