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About us


For over four decades, SMA Architecture + Design has provided professional architectural services throughout the intermountain west. Founded by John D. McKittrick and Rick Schlenker, the firm is now lead by Jason M. Davis, Tim Meldrum, Klint Fisher, Mark Ophus and Charley Franklin who have carried on SMA’s client commitment to providing the best possible project, all while ensuring the process is enjoyable. SMA has expanded over the past ten years with offices located in Helena and Bozeman, while serving the entire state of Montana and beyond.
SMA truly believes we are in the business of not only designing great buildings, but more importantly, building relationships with our clients. Our resume includes services for commercial, institutional, educational, historic preservation, healthcare, and military projects, many of which manifest repeat clients. We emphasize an in-depth programming phase for each project identifying our client’s vision and needs as this is the foundation of a successful project. We embrace an integrated design process and delivery between the construction disciplines, specialized consultants, and building contractors to achieve the most cost effective and timely solutions. Each client has different program requirements and budgets to guide our performance from project inception through construction administration, and continue long after owner occupancy. We are committed to our client’s satisfaction by providing excellent design that will serve our client’s mission and users.

Building projects are complex and expensive. Ultimately, buildings make a mark on their neighborhood and community that lasts as long - or longer - than the people who build them. SMA has the broad experience that assures the mark you make will be successful both today and tomorrow.


We love what we do + have fun doing it.
We design places + we build relationships.
We're a team that fosters family spirit. 
We seek excellence through innovation.

Roaring 20's Party - SMA Architecture


At SMA, we truly believe we are in the business of not only designing great buildings, but more importantly, building lasting relationships with our clients. None of this would be possible without our clients and a strong foundation of a talented and close-knit team. Plus, we’re pretty fun to work with!


Montana has shaped who we are as individuals, as a team, and as a firm, so it is imperative we contribute where we can and advocate for the communities that built us. You can often find us giving back by volunteering on the trails, showing local kids what being an Architect means, and attending community events.

Special Olympics Involvement - SMA Architecture + Design
Trail Day - SMA Architecture + Design


With two offices in Montana, this gives us multiple opportunities to create sustainable, cutting-edge structures that showcase Montana's natural beauty. To reduce environmental impact, we frequently implement the use of renewable energy such as solar panels and are conscious of our ecological footprint.


We’re all about teamwork at SMA. We show up for each other in good times and bad, celebrate personal and professional milestones, and even grab a beer together after a day’s hard work. Cheers!

Ski Day - SMA Architecture + Design
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